AquaLogic HTI Series Titanium Inline Heaters are perfect for large fresh water or salt water instillations.


The Elecro Optima Compact Plus comes with corrosion resistant titanium heating elements as standard, marking it highly robust and durable.

The Optima Compact Plus is designed and manufactured to the highest specifications at the Elecro facility in Hertfordshire, England.  Compact in design, robust and ultra reliable, this heater is made to last, providing you the perfect water temperature with easy to use controls.

All Elecro electric heaters feature our unique and proven coiled heating element technology, whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the buildup of mineral and debris deposits on the heating elements.


The Optima Compact Plus can be easily operated using the touch screen digital thermostat.  The inlet moulding has weir chambers which induce a vortexing action eliminating the risk of air locking and reducing encrustation build up on the heating elements; while the outlet moulding accommodates a flow switch with gold tipped reed, for ultimate reliability and safety.  Over heating is prevented by a thermal safety cut out which can be manually rest. 

The heater can be vertically wall mounted using the supplied bracket, or free standing. 

  • Dimensions: 23.3" x 7.9" x 8.6"
  •  Flow requirements:  Minimum flow: 6-8 kW = 10 GPM/38 LPM, 9 kW and larger = 25 GPM/ 95 LPM, Maximum flow: 45 GPM/ 171 LPM
  • Heating Elements: Titanium, low watts density
  • Flow tubes:  Pure Titanium (Optima Compact plus)
  • Contractor: Dual Schneider Electric contractors
  • Control Thermostat: 32 ~ 104 Degree F Range (1-33 Degree F differential)
  • Safety thermal cutout: 120 Degrees F (manual reset)
  • Flow switch: Gold tipped reed switch with Titanium fulcrum pin
  • Wiring: High temperature, silicone sheathed multi strand copper conductors.
  • Seals: High temperature special formula EPDM
  • Water connections: 1.5" NPS ABS unions
  • Working pressure: 58 psi/ 4 bar maximum
  • Mounting: Floor or wall mounting (Indoor use only)
  • Standards: European Electromagnetic Compatibility directive 89/366/EEC and 93/068/EEC
  • Standards: The Harmonised Standard EN 60335-2-35
  • Exceeds all known Global standards for safety and reliability
  • Dual Schneider Electric Contractors to ensure ultimate reliability
  • Touch screen digital thermostat adjustable up to 33 degrees F Differential
  • Stay Clean vortex inducing flow over Titanium heating elements
  • Status indicator panel
  • Robust and durable 
  • Floor or wall mountable (bracket supplied) Indoor Use Only
  • 1 year conditional manufacturer warranty