Aquatronica Wave Maker Koralia Pump Interface

The Koralia wave module allows the user to install and manage Hydor Koralia pumps, model 12V on Aquatronica systems equipped with controller. This module is used to program the pumps connected via Controller and/or via PC (with the dedicated USB interface) to create Wave or Tide effects that can be dimmered. The versatility of the system means that the user can create many different effects using different pump combinations at different times of the day. Thanks to the possibility to combine the system with a day/night brightness sensor, the pumps are automatically set at minimum speed overnight, thus reducing the wave motion in the aquarium. The ability to manage up to 4 modules simultaneously on the same system (16 Koralia pumps), also allows the user to control a number of aquariums separately and to obtain very powerful effects in very large aquariums.

The module includes:

  • * a connector for connection to the mains
  • * a connector for connection to the Aquatronica BUS
  • * a connector for connection to the pumps
  • * a connector for day/night sensor.

TECHNICAL DATA Power supply voltage: 230Vac / 115Vac – 50/60 Hz

Compatible pumps: Koralia Nano 12V – Koralia 1 12V - Koralia 2 12V - Koralia 3 12V - Koralia 4 12V Plugs: USA standard