Bio-Fuge: the core of any modern marine aquarium. Engineered to naturally process aquarium waste. Resulting in a well balanced environment to keep delicate marine animals not only alive, but thriving in captivity.
Phase One - Constant water level skimmer chamber located first in the Bio Fuge maximizes a protein skimmers efficiency.
Phase Two - The biological chamber is placed second in the Bio Fuge to utilize the oxygen rich water produced by the protein skimmer. Resulting in the perfect environment needed to grow nitrifying bacteria.
Phase Three - The refugium is placed third in the Bio-Fuge. This is the final step in the filtration process were a large chamber provides ample space for a sand bed, live rock ,and macro algae to naturally remove the last remaining nutrients from the water.
  • Exclusive Bashsea design allows for 75% of the filters volume to adapt to water level changes due to evaporation, unlike the industry standard of 10 to 20 percent.
  • This minimizes the possibility of pump failure due to running dry and greatly reduces the frequency of water level maintenance.
  • Unique Design with black background and blue baffles
  • True Union Drain Assembly for fast and easy installation and removal
  • Constant Water Level Skimmer Chamber
  • Large refugium Chamber
  • Large Baffle Chamber located before pump to minimize bubbles
  • Pump chamber allows for internal or external pump
  • Designed and hand built in the U.S.A. using 100% American Made Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Available in the these standard sizes - 24x10x14", 30x10x14", 36x14x16", 36x18x18", 48x14x16", 48x18x18"
  • All Bio-Fuges are fully customizable in any size and configuration to meet your specific requirements.
  • Silent flow drain system
  • Probe holders
  • Cryptic fuge chamber
  • Built in float valve
  • External drilling of bulkheads
Bashsea - Bio - Fuge 36 x 18 x 16" Sump