Our new PENDUCTORTM Sparging Eductor offer a new twist to the current eductor craze. Based on established eductor principles, the PENDUCTORTM was designed especially for Industrial Sparging Applications.

The nozzle was designed utilizing the same orifice size as a typical 3/8” NPT tank mixing eductor, with a larger connection size, giving you the same flow characteristics with less pressure drop. This can reduce the horsepower required on larger systems. The larger connection sizes allow you to use standard reducing tees without extra bushings or reducing couplings, saving you valuable tank space.

The diffuser was designed with a larger plume dispersion angle for more uniform agitation and a lower profile to allow you to utilize your tank space more efficiently.

The result, the PENDUCTOR, a more efficient space saving eductor made specifically for the surface finishing industry but it's fantastic for aquarium use and it widen the flow patterns and increase the flow rate for better random flow patterns in the aquarium.

Penductor TM

Polypro Sparging Eductor FEATURES:

  •  Flows comparable with conventional 3/8” tank mixing eductors
  •  Lower profile helps save your valuable tank space and makes for easier retrofits
  •  Larger connection sizes eliminate the need for multiple bushings when using standard fittings or our P-Series pumps
  •  Larger plume dispersion angle helps eliminate dead spots between eductors
  •  Available in 3/4" male threaded, 3/4" female threaded and 1" male threaded




  •  Circulates up to 5 gallons for every gallon pumped
  •  Vigorous agitation keeps solids in suspension and immiscible liquids mixed
  •  Distributes chemistries more uniformly
  •  More uniform thickness and brightness 
  •  Eliminates hot spots.