Elos SV fish foods are the finest fish foods in the world, used by top breeders in Europe and North America. Elos was the first to add Beta-Glucans, proven to stimulate macrophages, specialized cells within the body of fish that check and control the pathogenic agents development. For top breeders this has provided a food that enhances a fishes' ability to fight off bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

Elos SV foods utilizes a post extrusion system that allows us to dramatically increase the Bio-availability of our food by infusing each pellet with extra vitamins and proteins that are normally wasted in a standard pellet/flake into the aquarium filter instead of the fish.

When you first see an Elos fish food, you will immediately realize it is different due to the package size and material. Each Elos SV fish food is packed in an aluminum can, with a sealed bag and measuring scoop inside along with detailed instructions. The standard size is 50 grams, which most think is very small until they begin to use Elos SV. Because of the very high conversion rate due in large part to the low temperature extrusion, the post extrusion process and high quality raw materials, we can feed our fish much smaller portions and see noticeable improvements in both the fish health and water quality.

The packaging is also made of a tight fitting aluminum container, which preserves the Elos SV food much better than standard plastic containers. In most all other fish foods it is typical to use inorganic phosphates as a preservative and this is NOT used in the Elos SV foods. While these inorganic phosphates may do a good job of preserving their food, they also add unwanted phosphates into our aquariums, something that most aquarium owners try hard to avoid.

Spirulina Plus is a nutritious med sized herbivore formulated fish food for both fresh water & marine fish. Now in 65gm size.