Color Elements play a fundamental role in the Zeo-Light-System and can also be used as a standalone set. This product contains our recipe of carefully proportioned trace elements which have shown to provide the best combination of increased growth and coloration. CE allows for stable micronutrient conditions, improved fluorescent effect in coral tissue, and increase resistance to radiation stress. Having 3 separate bottles allows for selective coral color control.

Color Elements are a novel mix of growth and color enhancing trace elements based on a unique and experimentally confirmed recipe which perfectly adapts to modern artificial sea salt mixes. Developed by leading scientists, this state-of-the-art element aligns the micro-nutrient consumption of tropical corals with the environmental light conditions generated by LED lighting systems. It allows for stable conditions in the micro-nutrient budget in coral reef aquaria, and thereby significantly increases coral growth rates and coral coloration. Due to the special formulation of the elements this mix does not lead to the accumulation of excess toxic trace metals in the aquarium and effectively prevents the growth of unwanted algae.

  • Suitable for the Balling Light System or other Systems based on Zeolith or Pellet filtration.


  • Increase the calcification rates
  • Increase coral tissue growth and coloration of SPS and LPS Corals
  • Improve the fluorescent effect of corals
  • Prevents the coral against radiation stress
  • Effective concentrate (50% less consumption)


  • 2-3 ml per 100 L (26 US gal) every 4 days or 2x/week
  • Max dose of 5ml per 100 L (26 US gal) is allowed, do not exceed this dose!
  • Do not dose same day as Reef Vitality