Reef Vitality contains marine organic and inorganic elements which break down unwanted waste products and help stabilize the nutrient concentration to naturally low levels. Reef Vitality binds excess nutrients and trace elements which increase protein skimmer efficiency. By supplementing with marine organics, corals increase their nutrient uptake and also show increased growth rates. This effect leads to a massive increase in coral color development.

Reef Vitality provides corals with organic nutrients to greatly increase their growth & color. Reef vitality is a particulate food for all corals and sponges. It contains diverse marine organic and inorganic materials which characteristically show high similarity to natural compounds found in the coral reef environment, and perfectly cover the needs of your corals.

  • Suitable for the Balling Light System or other Systems based on Zeolith or Pellet filtration.


  • 1 capsule per 500 L (132.5 US gal.) every 4 days! Open the capsule carefully and dissolve it in a small amount of approx. 100 mL of aquarium water. Apply this solution directly to your tank.
  • Reef vitality is suitable for all kind of coral reef aquaria. It is strongly recommended to drastically reduce the dosage of additional amino acid and trace element mixes if applied along with reef vitality. Avoid overdosing!
  • Do not dose same-day as Color Elements

Check your water parameters regularly. Reef Vitality cannot function at full power if the parameters are not correct. Due to the power of Reef Vitality, it is possible that sick corals can lose their tissue. If this occurs, Reduce then the Dosing of Reef Vitality about 50% and check your No3 Level.