Fauna Marin Ultra-Lith 2.5 liters - Zeolith rocks for use with the Zeovit or Fauna Marin system.

Fauna Marin UltraLith is a specially formulated Zeolite for reduction of nutrient concentrations in marine aquaria. This Zeolite provides nitrate- and ammonium-reducing bacteria an ideal environment. By using a composition of different Zeolites, carefully selected for their specific physical and chemical properties, this filter medium will reduce nutrient concentrations fast and effectively.  

Dosing:  Please do all changes to your tank extremely carefully!  In older tanks with high nutrient concentrations please reduce the phosphate concentrations with Ultraphos first.    Carefully wash the material before use. In the beginning, please use only 500 g of Ultralith for 400 L / 100 gal. of water. After 30 days the amount can be increased to up to 1000 g for 400 L / 100 gal.. Exchange 25 % of UltraLith for fresh material after 6 weeks.  Place the material into our special UltraLith-Reactor, use a powerful potfilter or in a place in the sump that has high water flow.  

Clean UltraLith weekly from sediments and detritus by rinsing it in aquarium water.  To activate UltraLith, add UltraBio or similar products to the filter during the first 14 days.  By feeding the bacteria with UltraBak the material will be colonized rapidly and start reducing the nutrient concentration in the aquarium.  The added carbon source will be consumed by the bacteria during denitrification, while the added amino acids, nutrients and Vitamins will supply the corals and filter feeders with nutrients, as the aquarium will become nutrient limited in a short time.

Due to this nutrient limitation it is important to feed the corals and filter feeders sufficiently. We have developed a whole range of specially dedicated products: Ultra Bak, UltraMin S und Ultramin F / UltraClam    During the start-up phase of the filtration system, control the nutrient concentration and other water parameter regularly and observe any changes in your tank. Switch off all disinfecting systems (e.g. UV light, ozone)during feeding and bacteria addition for about 4 weeks. While feeding do not use Ozone.