The Finnex Digital Touch Control HMX Series sports a sleek and modernized black control face that easily controlled via its precision touch pad. Corrosion-resistant, fast heating titanium tube is engulfed with well fitted heater guard to ensure the safety of one's aquatic inhabitants and surrounding equipment. Memory Chip Equipped Control restores previous settings after power supply interruption. Digital control technology maintains water temperature at a constant level.

HMX Series
Sleek Touchpad Control
Wrapped in a sleek black housing,t he touchpad control omits a crisp digital temerature readout to give any aquarium that high tech feel.
Protective Heater Guard
The titanium heating element is engulfed in a protective guard to ensure the safety of both the aquatic inhabitants and surrounding equipment.  Suction cups included.
Indestructible Titanium
Unlike glass heaters, the HMX is equipped with a titanium heating element to hold up to the beatings of larger aquatic inhabitants and users.  Virtually unbreakable!
Memory Equipped
In the event of a power outage and power restore, the HMX Series is equipped to recall preset temperature settings.
Protect your Aquarium
The HMX series is equipped with temperature saving memory to add additional protection to one's aquarium.