Bio-Mate is a special engineered bacterial strain that helps breakdown the decomposing substances commonly referred to as mulm. Mulm appears as a greyish-brown debris material that settles throughout the tank. Bio-Mate can actively clean your Live Rock and substrate by introducing and colonizing this special strain of bacteria in your system.

Available in 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml

Quick Data:

  • Liquid Additive / only intended for Marine Aquarium use
  • Regular use of Bio-Mate will result in a noticeable reduction in mulm
  • Aids with cleaning of your substrate or sand-bed
  • Bio-Mate will help naturally lower Phosphate levels
  • Can be used in combination with the Zeovit system or standalone to enhance the health and appearance of corals
  • Target:
  • Mulm reduction
  • Phosphate reduction

Dosage and special Considerations:

  • Dosage: 1 drop / 25 US-Gallons , Twice a week
  • Do not exceed recommended amount
  • Refer to Zeovit guide for complete System

Korallen-Zucht™ produces a wide range of additive products formulated for both general application and targeted color refining. Each of these additives has been tested and formulated by the most qualified labs and uses only the highest grade ingredients. Korallen-Zucht™ is not only dedicated to enhancing successful aquariums at their best, but also ardent when it comes to solving the problems every aquarist will come to face at one point or another. Our products take a holistic approach to tacking these problems, often producing additional benefits on top of the solution.