• Creates a healthy, well-balanced and efficient bacterial fauna.
  • Reduction of organic and inorganic substances
  • Creates an efficient biology after a short time when used in combination with Zeostart and Zeofood.


ZEOvit™ System is a probiotic (bacteria-based) system meant to aid in your success keeping healthy, colorful and fast growing corals. The basic four components serve to adjust and maintain the nutrient levels of your reef at ideal, natural parameters. The ZEOvit™ system is complete and can be used with our without additional supplementation, however, Korallen-Zucht makes many products that will enhance the look and health of your reef to the best of your expectations.

ZEObak is a manifold microorganism solution which contains several bacterial strains that form a bacterial chain capable of consuming and reducing nutrients to NSW levels. Due to its unique formulation and biodiversity, ZEObak is resilient to monoculture thereby maximizing bacterial metabolism and waste reduction.

Quick Data:

  • Liquid Additive / only intended for Marine Aquarium use
  • Integral Component of Zeovit System / Basic 4
  • Can be used to seed and cycle new systems
  • Easily combined with Coral Snow to reduce nutrients and control problematic Red Slime (cyanobacteria).
  • Can be used in combination with the Zeovit system or standalone to enhance the health and appearance of corals
  • Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes


  • Marine live Bacterial Culture to maintain or start Biological Filtration in Marine Aquaria

Dosage and Special Considerations:

  • Dosage: 1 Drop / 25 US-Gallons , Twice Weekly - “NET WATER VOLUME
  • Do not exceed recommended amount
  • Refer to Zeovit Guide for complete System and phase instructions