Prodibio Strontium is an essential trace element in the reef aquarium environment. It stimulates growth in hard corals and assists in the development of the red calcareous and encrusting algae that produce the live rock decor. This organism fixes strontium in its skeleton along with calcium, so the strontium demand is constant. In an ocean environment, trace elements are constantly replenished by the current, but in a closed aquarium environment the strontium is rapidly depleted. All reputed specialists confirm the importance of strontium for healthy coral development. STRONTI+ adds all the strontium needed for healthy growth of coral, clams, and limestone algae.

Each capsule contains 130 mg of strontium. This allows you to control the quantity of Iodine you are adding in your tank. In a reef aquarium, the strontium diminishes proportionally with the calcium, so you can gauge the strontium demand by examining the calcium rate. 6 ampoules - For Reef Aquarium Use

Instructions: Average dose: One capsule per 400 liters every week.

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.