Available in a variety of color temperatures, TWIN-ARC offers the benefit of two separate metal halide lamps in one single unit.

The Reef Brite TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is one of the most exciting new developments in aquarium lighting in almost a decade. Developed for the aquarium industry by world renowned lighting specialist and luminaries designer Tullio DellAquila, the Reef Brite TWIN-ARC metal halide lamp is not only the most innovative lamp available it is also the most energy efficient and economical.

Now for the first time ever you can promote maximum growth and color without the need for multiple ballast or lighting systems. When used as directed the patented Reef Brite Twin-Arc tube lamp not only performs better and last longer it maintains peak output and color. The TWIN-ARC also helps to eliminate light shock and color shift when replacing your bulbs.

The Twin-Arc tube metal halide lamp is literally two bulbs in one switching arc’s tubes each time the lamp is fired to provide maximum output and color consistency while saving you money with its energy efficient design. Promoting maximum growth and color in corals and other invertebrates the Patented Dual-Arc tecnology performs better, lasts longer and maintains its color(spectral power distribution) better than conventional metal halide bulbs. When replaced annually the Twin-Arc tube metal halide lamp can help eliminate light shock to corals and reduce the occurrence of unwanted nuisance algae caused by degrading aquarium lamps.