MaxCapD2 Dual-Stage DI System Add-On

Now with SuperDI Cartridges. Convert your existing RO system to a MaxCap DI System and economically produce more ultra-pure de-ionized water!

Includes clear filter housings, quick-connect fittings, mounting bracket, extra-high-capacity / longer-lasting MaxCap SuperDI and Silica Buster SuperDI Cartridges, dual-probe TDS monitor, and filter wrench.


  • Convert your existing RO system to a MaxCap DI System with a SpectraPure MaxCapD2 add-on ... now with high-capacity SuperDI Cartridges!
  • Clear Filter Housings w/ 1/4 inch Quick-Connect fittings
  • 2-Position Mounting Bracket
  • SuperDI MaxCap DI and SuperDI SilicaBuster Cartridges with NEW Higher-Capacity / Higher-Flow Shells
  • Dual-Probe TDS Meter to determine MaxCapDI cartridge exhaustion. (When the output TDS exceeds 75% of the input TDS, it's time to change the cartridge.)
  • Universal Filter Wrench
  • Retail-Ready Package

Warning: Spectrapure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

SpectraPure - MaxCap® D2 Dual-Stage DI System Add-On With SuperDI Cartridges