Spectrapure MaxCap Performance Plus 100 GPD RODI - 1:1 product water/waste water.

MaxCap® Performance Plus OVERVIEW:

SpectraPure's new MaxCap® Performance Plus™ 5-Stage Ultra-High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis / Deionization system is designed to deliver ultrapure water (18.2 megohms) with very low amounts of waste water and significantly reduced operating costs. Designed with water savings in mind, the new Performance Plus UHE RO/DI can be operated at a 1:1 waste to pure water ratio, even in areas with extreme TDS levels. Using technologies found only in more complex low-wastewater RO systems, and incorporating a SpectraSelect Plus™ 99% rejection RO membrane, this system includes an integral booster pump to maintain membrane feed pressure along with a microprocessor controlled pure-water flush cycle for top-of-the-line rejection and increased membrane longevity.

The Performance Plus RODI is SpectraPure’s first system to utilize the new Color-Indicating Mega MaxCap™ DI cartridge as a DI “roughing” stage, followed by the new High Performance Enduro DI™ cartridge as the final “polishing” stage. Arranged in this configuration, these newly formulated DI cartridges are designed to work together to greatly increase overall DI cartridge life while improving phosphate removal characteristics and providing a longer dwell time at ultrapure product water levels.

The system’s two Dual-Probe inline TDS meters makes it easy to monitor  system feed water, RO membrane product water, first DI product TDS as well as final DI product water. Multi-point system TDS monitoring helps take the guesswork out of when to replace DI cartridges, thereby maintaining ultrapure product water at “Zero TDS” levels while optimizing cartridge life.

Enjoy saving dollars with less frequent DI Cartridge changes, while achieving incredible water savings with a true 1:1 product-to-wastewater ratio system.


  • Produces 100 Gallons Per Day - or more!
  • Ultra-High Efficiency / Ultra-Low Waste ( at 1:1 or better)
  • Significantly reduced operating cost:
  • Longer Membrane Life
  •  Longer DI Cartridge Life
  • Reduces water usage
  • Integral Booster Pump: System can operates in areas with supply pressures as low as 20psi
  • Top quality individually tested SpectraSelect Plus High-Rejection RO Membrane
  • Automatic Pure Water Membrane Flush*
  • Provides extended RO Membrane life
  • Eliminates TDS Creep! The first drop is as good as the last drop
  • Longer DI Cartridge Life
  • High-Capacity Dual-Stage DI System
  • Mega MaxCap™ DI Cartridge (1st DI Stage)
  • Enduro DI™ High-Performance Mixed-Bed Deionization Cartridge (2nd DI Stage)

Accessories Included

  • Two Dual-Probe Inline Digital TDS Meters accurately monitors water purity at different process stages. Eliminates guessing and assures “Zero TDS” product water
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge monitors membrane feed pressure while indicating Pre-Filter cartridge status.
  • Filter Wrench for easy removal of Pre-Filter and DI Cartridges
  • Dual Electric Float Switches work with microprocessor controller to automate system operation, filling and replenishing pure water atmospheric storage tanks (open reservoir - provided by user) of any size

* Pure water reservoir is required to fully automate system flush cycle

Spectrapure - MaxCap Performance Plus 100 GPD RODI