The Mega MaxCap® DI Cartridge is SpectraPure’s newest addition to the MaxCap® DI series of specialty deionization cartridges.

Like the legacy MaxCap® cartridges, the new Mega MaxCap® functions as a roughing DI stage by removing the vast majority of residual ammonia, phosphates and other trace ionized impurities that have passed through a purification system’s RO membrane. This preprocessing improves RO water chemistry to the degree that the down stream mixed-bed and/or layered-bed DI resins in subsequent finishing stages will continue to perform optimally for far greater durations, processing  4x or more DI water by volume than otherwise possible.

The new Mega MaxCap® DI’s higher capacity and enhanced phosphate removal provides even greater overall cartridge life. The Mega MaxCap® processes even more water and extends the life of downstream finishing DI cartridges even better than its predecessor. The Mega MaxCap® DI should be used ahead of any color-indicating or non-indicating mixed-bed, SilicaBuster™, Enduro™ DI or other conventional mixed-bed DI finishing cartridges, to greatly extend cartridge life, thus requiring far fewer replacements over time. Enjoy consistently ultra-pure DI water and water production cost savings.


  • Standard twist top shell, 3 inch D x 10 inch L, fits in virtually all standard 10 inch  filter housings
  • Roughing DI cartridge designed to be placed ahead of a mixed-bed, SilicaBuster™ or other finishing DI stage
  • Improved performance over the legacy MaxCap® DI resin formulation
  • 3.5x the capacity of conventional mixed-bed and high silica removal cartridges
  • Removes residual ammonia and ionized impurities from RO stream
  • Improved phosphate removal and extended cartridge longevity over the legacy MaxCap® DI
  • Aluminized Mylar packaging eliminates resin degradation while in storage
  • Interchangeable with Captive Purity, Kent Marine, AWI, BRS and most other residential/aquarium DI or RO/DI systems
Spectrapure - Mega MaxCap DI Cartridge