Teco Premium Reef Salt is available in 50 gallon, 140 gallon and 200 gallon sizes.


Mixing Instructions
  1. TECO Marine Reef Salt with reverse osmosis or distilled water for optimal results. Tap water can be used, but it must be treated with dechlorinator prior to use.
  2. Stir vigorously to thoroughly mix salt and water. Although the solution can be used immediately, we suggest that you aerate the water with an air pump to adequately oxygenate the water prior to use.
  3. Adjust salinity with an accurate hydrometer. Recommended specific gravity range: 1.020 to 1.023 at 75°F. If specific gravity is too low, add more TECO Marine Reef Salt. If too high, add more dechlorinated water.
  4. Tightly reseal bag to keep moisture out. Be sure to store remaining salt in a cool, dry place.
Important Reminders
NEVER mix salt in an aquarium containing animals. In new aquariums, transfer animals to the aquarium only after salt is completely mixed, the solution aerated, and specific gravity adjusted correctly. 

Water Changes
We recommend monitoring your water parameters (nitrates, phosphates, alkalinity, and pH) and performing 25% water changes as necessary. To prepare small quantities of TECO Marine Reef Salt for use in your water changes, use 1/2 cup of TECO Marine Reef Salt for each U.S. gallon of water. Mix as directed above.