For use with the Ultra Reef UKB-120 Protein Skimmer. Converts the internal skimmer to a HOB Skimmer (hang on the back).

Glass thickness 10, 12 & 15 mm

Working level 22 cm

Optional hang on kit, consisting of a structure to mount the UKB BOREI UKB skimmer directly into your aquarium. The kit is ready to use on different glass thickness (from 10 to 15 mm). Complete of anti-vibration rings and splash guard panel on the back side. Designed to immerse the skimmer for 22 cm, leaving 5 cm of space between the water level and the aquarium glass edge. 

Skimmer sold separately.

Ultra Reef - HOS-120 Hang On System For Borei UKB-120 Skimmer